www.nadcomm.com North American Data Communications Museum
Don House is the Curator of The North American Data Communications Museum with branches in Valatie, NY and Prospect Heights, IL The San Diego Museum was closed in Februarry, 2005 due to lack of funding
www.halcomm.com HAL Communications Corp
HAL Communications manufactures high-quality Data Communications Equipment for Amateur and Commercial Applications They are HIGHLY CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED
www.telecom-digest.org TELECOM Digest & Archives
Stay Current, Explore recent happenings, or delve into the deep past. Pat Townson's TELECOM DIGEST AND ARCHIVES is a veritable plethora of telephone and telecommunications information.
www.k7tty.com Bytheway Software Development Lab (BSDL)
Main site of the maintained by K7TTY, who also assists with the maintenance of this WEB site.
http://www.johnwhitney.com/misc/paul-rtty.htm Teletype Machines, Parts and Service
There is a place where you can purchase used Teletype machines, new and used Teletype spare parts and where there is someone to service them. That place is RTTY Electronics in El Sobrante, California, 25 miles East of San Francisco. RTTY Electronics is run by Paul Cembura, who for many years sold and serviced Teletype machines, and is now a walking tower of Teletype knowledge. The pictures below give an idea of what Teletype items are available for purchase at RTTY Electronics. There are not 10, 100 or 1,000 Teletype parts, but literally 100,000's of Teletype parts, some new, organized, indexed, and available for purchase by Teletype restorers, rescuers, and users of Teletype machines of yesteryear.

RTTY Electronics, PO Box 20101, El Sobrante, CA 94820-0101 USA

Paul Cembura | Telephone 510-222-3102 | Email mr_rtty@pacbell.net