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Instructions on setting up Internet Teletype

ITTY Broadcast

ITTY stands for Internet Teletype. With today's streaming audio over the Internet, George, W7TTY came up with a scheme that allowed him to broadcast teletype news over the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Paul, W2TTY, has continued operation of George's original sytem.

The receiving address is

So what's different about ITTY? Well, for one thing, the user community is able to submit material to the transmit queue using simple E-Mail (SMTP protocol) or a special RTTY Mailer Application from Bill, K7TTY. News broadcasts are now possible from every point in the world.

Europe News

The EUROPE Channel (formerly called the Greenwich channel) has been set up and is now running. This Channel is in response to inquiries from European teletype enthusiasts as to whether or not they could have an ITTY Channel that conforms with their technical standards. The MARK tone is either 1275 Hertz or 1275 Cycles, depending on one’s upbringing. The SPACE tone is either 1445 Hertz or 1445 Cycles, once again dependent on one’s early life. The transmission speed is 50 Baud, and bell is upper case “J”.

The receiving address is

For those wishing to submit items to the EUROPE Channel the RTTY Mailer application can be used. Line length is limited to 68 characters. Use of the ITTY Mailer, available at Bill’s Software Lab (for FREE) is recommended.


ITTY AutoStart is another version of ITTY, but it targets those users that do not want the 24/7 broadcast feed and only want to read mail from other users, similar to your email you get today.

The receiving address is

The Autostart channel prints this day in history once per day and also prints a email from a discussion list dedicated to Teletype enthusiasts (Greenkeys list).

Most users have configured their mechanical teletype machines to power up when receiving a broadcast and the power down after the message is delivered.  Teletype machines are mechanical devices and print directly to paper, so a large feed of continuous messages similar to ITTY would overwhelm them very quickly.

Listen to ITTY Listen to Europe News Listen to Autostart

How do I receive the ITTY Broadcast and ITTY AutoStart mail from the Internet?

Receiving teletype data from the Internet does not require hard-to-get teletype equipment. The following paragraphs will provide you with enough information to download the required software to start copying ITTY on your home computer.

Copying teletype signals can be fun and enjoyable. Please join us in our experiment in ITTY broadcasts. The following instructions will help you get started.

Demonstration of ITTY being copied by a Model 28ASR

Step 1: Rceiving the TTY data stream.

Most users will not need a special player to receive the signal. Modern browsers will work just fine. However, if you have an older system you might need to use VLC, or WinAmp, or RealPlayer or Windows Medial Player. Go to the following sites and download the one fo the free applications.

Download WinAmp
Download Real Player

Step 2: Using MMTTY to display the news articles on your PC.

MMTTY is an application that decodes TTY data and displays the text on your computer using your sound card.

Go to the following site and download the MMTTY application. This application will allow you to receive and display the teletype data stream being received by WinAmp.

Download MMTTY

Step 3: Connect to ITTY

Start your browser or start WinAmp. To connect to ITTY, surft to the URL or bring up the WinAmp menu to connect to an URL.


Use Port 593 in the RTTYMailer



Port 598 in the RTTYMailer



Use Port 594 in the RTTYMailer

Start up MMTTY, you may need to read the documentation to configure it to read the BAUDOT code.  You may also to set the  sound card for "Mixed" audio input/and ouput.

There are other software applications that are available, but have not been tested.  Following list is not complete, but go to the links and you will see the other selections.

For the Windows PC:
TrueTTY    HamComm     HamScope   MixW   MultiPSK   RadioRaft   FTV   Contact-Multi

For the Mac:
cocoaModem   MultiMode

For Linux:
qMFSK   Fidigi  
For DOS:
Pocket PC:

How can I contribute to ITTY bulletin broadcasts?

The success of ITTY depends upon the submission of "quality" news articles submitted to the ITTY server. Topics should be of interest to the general public.  So how does one contribute material to the server?  Send E-mail to:

How can I contribute to Europe News broadcasts?

The success of ITTY depends upon the submission of "quality" news articles submitted to the ITTY server. Topics should be of interest to the general public.  So how does one contribute material to the server?  Send E-mail to:

How can I contribute to the Autostart Network  broadcasts?

The Auto Start network operates very similar to the ITTY broadcasts, with the simple exception that users are requested to keep their messages short and oriented towards point-to-point topics, similar to what you find on most public mailing lists.   Send you E-mail to:


Use Port 593 in the RTTYMailer

Use Port 598 in the RTTYMailer 


Use Port 594 in the RTTYMailer

ITTY has set up an E-Mail client that is capable of receiving news articles submitted by the general community.  The preferred method of sending mail it to use the RTTYMailer application which can be downloaded at:

Download RTTYMailer Application

The RTTYMailer application allows you to specify the "FROM" and "TO" recipient for each message and provides formatting to ensure that you do not exceed the 68 characters per line limitation. 

Step 1:  Setting up RTTYMailer

The RTTYMailer software can be downloaded from:

Download RTTYMailer

You will need to unzip the file and place the executable somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it! There is only one file in the package.

Press the "Get Files" button and you are allowed to select one to many files for entering into the queue.

The file dialog allows you to select multiple files at the same time for faster loading of the transmit queue.

RTTYMailer allows you to upload bulletins to ITTY directly without having to use your email application.

 Step 2:  Other Considerations

There's no formal documentation, but here is the short cook instructions.

  1. On the "SMTP Server" drop down menu, select (George's IP). This is the only ITTY choice.

  2. Standard ITTY uses either port 25 and port 593, both work. The recent discovery that e-mail port 25 is now pretty much being shutdown throughout the internet has caused a revision in how the SMTP e-mail handler in your computer must be set up.  The recipient should be itty@

  3. National News uses either port 598 and port 599, both work. The recipient should be national@

  4. AUTOSTART uses either port 594 or port 595, doesn't matter which one you pick. The recipient should be autostart@

  5. On the "Mail From" put your personal info that will appear before every message. Get creative, as most of you are.

  6. On the "Subject" put something about your location that appears before each message. Again, get creative.

  7. "Get File" allows you to select text files from anywhere on your computer. You can select multiple files or a single file. Select multiple files by holding down the shift key (for contiguous files) or control key (for non-contiguous files).

  8. If you double-click on the file, it comes up in notepad for editing. I suggest putting in an ARRL-type header in the file that describes the subject and date. Use your own judgment as to what you want the receiver to read.

  9. Send the whole list of files (as listed). Hopefully you did your homework and trimmed the number of characters per line and checked for foul language.

Step 3: Using the RTTYMailer Editor

Along with RTTYMailer comes an editor that works with both the standard ITTY mode and the AutoStart mode.  Press the "Editor" button and another window pops up. 

If you click the window to the right, you can see the larger view.

General Rules and Considerations

  1. ITTY implements the "Bad-Boy" carriage return at line 75 to keep from pounding a hole in the paper. This feature is not meant to replace the nominal max line at 72, but to rather protect against a really bad mistake by the sender. Please format your messages with carriage returns at no more than 70 characters per line.

  2. RTTY.COM policy is to use 68 characters per line

  3. Most ASCII characters are translated into the closest equivalent BAUDOT equivalent. But it's best to format the data input using the BAUDOT character set. Try avoiding characters that are not in the BAUDOT character set.

  1. No attachments allowed. The translation of ASCII to BAUDOT will present a very unusable mess to the listeners.

  2. Most common mistake is to send mail from your application using RichText or HTML. These messages are quietly accepted and placed in the junk mail folder. Use TEXT format only or better yet, use RTTYMailer.

  3. Mail with naughty words are quietly accepted and placed in the junk mail folder.

  4. Use common sense. The ITTY service is provided by the moderator (W7TTY) as a free service.

My father-in-law always asked:
"Are we having fun yet?"


At this point you should be receiving teletype (TTY) data on your computer. If you are not, please let us know if we can help you.

Questions concerning the ITTY service should be directed to .