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History Hall presently features five pieces. The first two were submitted to the world by Jim Haynes, W6JVE, while he was at the University of California, Santa Cruz. We have re-formatted them a bit for easier reading, but the documents are as original, with abstracts.

Added in September, 2000, is our presentation of a complimentary booklet presented by The Teletype Corporation commemorating their 50th Anniversary.  Currently we have the original presented in thumbnails, .gif, and .jpg format.  An HTML version is being prepared. Please enjoy The Teletype Story

Our next feature was taken from the July 1963 RTTY Journal. Having purchased my first teletype machine from this gentleman, he was one I personally held in awe. Friendly, gentle, and ever helpful, particularly to a teen-ager loaded with questions, the warmth of his welcome is something I shall never forget. Please enjoy this recap of a special event in the life of:

Elliot S. "Buck" Buchanan, W6VPC

Our fifth feature is a letter from Forrest "Bart" Bartlett, W6OWP.
Many amateurs honed their CW skills on the nightly code practice runs from his station. Bart was also a pioneer in the field of RTTY, having been in the News Business since before World War II. Jim Haynes suggested contacting Bart, so we did.

I talked with Bart a few times on the telephone and asked him to chronicle some of the early years of RTTY as he remembers them. Please click on the link below and read
the recollections of:

Forrest "Bart" Bartlett, W6OWP

Forrest A.'Bart' Bartlett, W6OWP, SK:


A Brief Biography of ALAN HOBBS G8GOJ -- Alan developed his lifelong passion for electro-mechanical teleprinters at a very early age due to spending much of his school holidays in "Telegraph House", the main factory of Creed & Co at East Croydon, from the early 1950’s to the early 1960’s.

A Brief Biography of Alan Hobbs, G8GOJ


Articles by Alan Hobbs
Teleprinters For The Radio Amateur
Creed & Co. - The 1st 50 Years
The ITT/Creed 444 Teleprinter


Contributions to History Hall are encouraged and solicited. If you have some interesting bit of RTTY History you would like to share, please send it via e-mail or USPS and we will feature it in History Hall. We are currently looking for anecdotes and information on Irv Hoff, W6FFC, Bob Weitbrecht, W6NRM, Boyd Phelps, W0BP, and Byron Kretzman, W2JTP.


Any and all contributions are welcome.



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